Department Personnel


Division A: Technology of Naval Architecture

1.Dr. K. Politis Professor  +30-2105385339
2.Dr. Th. Gerostathis Associate Professor   +30-2105385844
3.Dr. A. Theodoulides Assistant Professor   +30-2105385339
4.Dr. S. Peppa Assistant Professor  +30-2105385844
5.Ch. Stasinopoulos Laboratory Professor   +30-2105385340

Division B: Technology of Marine Engineering

1.Dr. G. Livanos Associate Professor  +30-2105385340
2.Dr. S. Dimitrellou Associate Professor  +30-2105385340
3. M. SotirouAssistant Professor  +30-2105385374
4.G. Hatzikonstandis Assistant Professor  +30-2105385389
5.Dr. D-N. Pagonis Assistant Professor +30-2105385340
6.Dr. M. Serris Laboratory Professor  +30-2105385808

Professors Emeriti

1.Dr. A. Bratsos

Technical Personnel & Lab. Technicians

1.A. KonstantinidesTechnician   
2.A. MisthosTechnician  +30-2105385338

Adjunct professors

Administrative Personnel

1.M. AndritsakiDepartment's Secretary   +30-2105385310